3. Interpretation


God’s Acre

In 1944 L.P. Boylston deeded one acre of his land to God. He said this: “I should return forever a part of which He, my God, has allowed me to possess and enjoy according to the laws of my country for many years, and feel that I should return to Him the most treasured piece of this earth that I have ever owned – in Trust – for the diseased or afflicted to use the precious healing water that flows from this God-given source.”

The natural springs on Boylston’s one acre were thought to have healing powers. They say that long ago the Indians would bring their sick to the springs to taste its power. Another story tells of wounded Revolutionary War soldiers who would return to battle shortly after a visit to the springs.

Today, the site deeded by Boylston is known as Healing Springs, where the magical clear waters continue to flow for the benefit of anyone who wishes to partake. If you happen to travel to Healing Springs in Blackville, South Carolina you’ll likely find several people there filling jugs to take home for drinking water. It’s cool, it’s refreshing, and it’s free – just like Boylston wanted: a gift from God.

Are you enjoying the waters of life, my friend? It’s hard, I know, to enjoy all that is laid before you. But God has a purpose for you. Think of what is within your sight that He wants you to see. What is it that you should do? Is it music or noise that you hear? And what of the wind? Do you feel her wisps as they brush your face?

Consider your life to be one of the acres that God is using to pour out His cool waters into a thirsty and hurting world. What can you do you to help refresh the weak in spirit? Be a strong and Healing Spring. Tell the blind what you see and the deaf what you hear. Let His water flow from your soul and speak of the beauty.

Day 3 Guide

What is your interpretation of the things you see and hear? Don’t let the daily news control your opinion. Make your own news.

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