3. Thought

It was thirty years ago that my neighbor, Bryan, and I were outside playing basketball and saw a strange round object flying slowly through the sky. It looked sort of like a moon, but it was much closer, like an airplane.


We originally thought that it might have been a weather balloon, but as we stood there watching, the object appeared to be break into pieces as it flew, much as it if were disintegrating. That night on the six o’clock news there were reports of others seeing the object, but there was no explanation. And to this day, the flying ball remains a mystery. For us thirteen year olds it was the neatest thing to have actually seen a UFO. 


Young people, especially, like to ponder mysteries. How were the Egyptian pyramids built? What was Stonehenge all about? What about those weird patterns and pictures seemingly carved on the desert floor and visible only from an airplane?


It’s refreshing to think that there is something more, something beyond one’s own life. And I’m sure there are many people like me who find a sense of satisfaction in looking up at the heavens, pondering her origins and her great expanse – thinking of her order and symmetry and of her endless motion.


Our minds should take us beyond. They should help us to escape the myopia of daily life and carry us well above the chores and the seeming tendency of things to enter a disordered state.


Day 3 Guide


For many of us, this is the first workday of the New Year. It’s a fresh start and an opportunity to consider our lives as part of something much greater.


While things around you may seem to fall apart, know that your efforts aren’t in vain and that you are part of a beautiful plan. Continue striving to build relationships, love your family and friends, and sprinkle those endless chores with things that truly do have lasting value. Today, call or write someone who hasn’t heard from you in a while. It’s good to feel that your influence reaches well beyond the small circle.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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