3. Visions

My mother Emily was one of the sweetest people you’d ever meet. She was beautiful and gracious, and she had an eye for people who were hurting. For some wonderful reason she was drawn to people in need; she was interested in their lives and their problems, and she could easily become one of their closest and most comforting friends.


Emily looked out into the world and saw the strain of relationship, the heartache and the sorrow. She easily spotted the lost and the misfit, and more than anything, she wanted to see them smile again. My mother herself had a grand smile.


What do you see when you look out into the world? Do you see only the brightest stars, or do you find the sleeping shadows of night? To have a mind that can at once find the highest beauty and then draw the weakest souls to her mount – that, I believe, is the spirit of Joyous Gard.


Day 3 Guide


Consider today, my friend, how you might help others to find their way to Joyous Gard. Realize that there are people in the world who desperately need your smile and a kind word.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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