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About four times a year I have to deal with an accumulation of pine straw on my roof. A good wind will sometimes take care of about half of the needles that fall from nearby Loblolly Pines. But some areas on my roof just seem to like holding on to the debris. In order to get it totally cleared away I have to call my friend Dan – “Dan the Tree Man.”


Dan continues to call himself “The Tree Man,” despite the fact that he’s grown a bit tentative about climbing the big ones. You see, several years ago, he took a 50 ft fall from a tree that he was trimming. He landed on his back and broke his arm, leg, and several of his ribs. Naturally, he’s more cautious now.


It’s hard to find someone who’s willing to work up on a roof. Most “tree people” are usually just interested in trees, and the handymen, well they generally don’t like climbing on roofs. But rooftops are the perfect “climb” for my man Dan — “Dan the Tree Man.” And it’s good to see that the man who survived that 50 ft fall isn’t afraid to continue climbing ladders and walking on roofs.


Does it ever feel like there are some places in your brain where debris gets stuck? Sometimes I feel like I have pockets of things that I’ve not yet dealt with – pockets of hidden sorrows or regrets, strained relationships or an unforgiving spirit. It’s almost easier, I think, to deal with the stark and heavy burdens of the mind. They must be dealt with, right? But the small things — well it’s like they’re almost too easy to live with. They tend to remain there: trapped.


The spirit of Joyous Gard radiates an unceasing desire to free the mind cluttered with debris. It’s also the spirit that’s willing and wanting to help others clear their minds and enjoy the rooftops of life. 


Day 3 Guide


Take time in the next few days to inventory the things that might be cluttering your mind. What’s really stopping you?


© 2006, Levi Hill

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