3. Work

This morning I’m thinking about morning, the part of the day when people are preparing for work. Shopkeepers are opening up, restaurant workers are preparing for lunch, teachers are organizing their day, and parents are getting their children off to school. Grocers are putting up produce, maybe sweeping the sidewalk, and salespeople are laying out plans for the day.


Morning is really one of my favorite times; for me it’s a time to gather my thoughts and get ready to tackle the day. I liken my work in the morning to what goes on backstage prior to a performance. Morning is a restorative time, and just as the sun slowly rises in the sky, so does my mind ramp up to higher levels of awareness.


Mornings also establish my mood and tenor for the rest of the day. I consider it good fortune when the skies are clear and the weather looks favorable. It just puts me in a better mood to see the sun rise. This morning has been good example of that – not a cloud in the sky. I know it’s going to be a great day.


Day 3 Guide


What is your favorite time of day? When do you feel the most hopeful and energetic? It’s good, I think, to develop a daily routine for your mind. Just as you brush your teeth and get dressed in the morning, so should you get your mind in order. Consider the list of items that you jotted down yesterday – those things that make you “come alive.” How might you incorporate some of those elements into your morning or evening routine?


Today, spend a little time, maybe an hour, figuring out how you might change your thinking patterns over the course of a day. The key here is to get rid of things that keep you down and replace them with those things that are life-giving. 


© 2005, Levi Hill

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