30. Growth

Looking back in time, I feel as though my expectations about the future have become more realistic. In truth, I\’ve gradually lowered my expectations, until now, they\’re more in line with the natural cycles of life.

The disappointment of foiled effort and the heartbreak of failure don\’t get me down like they used to. I\’ve come to expect that failure will be my experience far more than will success. I know, too, that the rarity of victory makes it all the sweeter.

I realize that difficulty or problems will most always arise when I\’m trying my hardest, a fact that almost seems unfair. But I tell myself, Don\’t despair. It\’s just one of those cosmic laws of the universe: problems thwart only those who are trying to do something!

Then, like a cool breeze, there are those exceptional days, the neat occasions when all things seem to come together in just the right way ” when the puzzle pieces of a busy day all seem to fit and there is absolutely no waste of time or effort.

Am I a pessimist to lower my expectations? Not from my vantage point. I am brimming with desire and passion for the future. There are hundreds of things that I still want to do, and I believe that my vision for fulfillment is much clearer today that it was five, ten or twenty years ago.

Day 30 Guide

Don\’t let your age stop you from thinking about the future. A mind that is growing is one that is seeing ever more clearly the lines and the contours of life.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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