30. Humor

Ten years ago, we took our daughter to DisneyWorld™. My father happened to have a business meeting in Orlando at the same time, so he, too, was able to meet us for an enjoyable day at the Magic Kingdom. In addition to the theme parks, Disney offers a unique opportunity to have breakfast and meet a handful of their top executives – Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and the Three Little Pigs. We signed up for that “character breakfast,” and my father tagged along with us.


A number of years prior to this time I had taken a tour of the “backstage” operations of Disney’s Orlando theme parks and had seen what went on behind the scenes. During the tour, we were told that an employee dressed in a character’s costume was to always remain “in character” while on stage (inside the park). And it was clear that under no circumstances was he or she allowed to speak to the guests; it was an important rule to protect “the act.”


During the character breakfast, my daughter had the opportunity to get Mickey and Minnie’s autographs, and we were also able to snap a family picture as Minnie stood by my father.


It was during the snapshot that Minnie, being the flirt that she is, put her arm around my father; he returned the gesture by putting his arm around her waist. We were laughing and smiling and just before the picture was taken, my father responded to Minnie’s funny flirtatiousness, whispering this in her ear: “Minnie, you feel pretty soft under that costume.” And then, without even as much as a moment’s hesitation, that forbidden voice from behind the costume whispered this back to my father:  “Move along sonny boy, I have other children to entertain.”


Some of life’s greatest moments are the ones that include laughter. And I think that among all the human qualities, humor is the most enjoyable, the most liberating, and also the most interesting. The element of surprise makes life fun, it’s the way that we adults seem to play.


Day 30 Guide


I think it’s a great day to consider having some fun. Celebrate the upcoming New Year with a bottle of champagne, and release your “corked up” energy with laughter.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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