30. Retrospect

Looking back, I’ve always been a terrible finisher. I’ll do what many would say is the hard part — getting started. But then I’ll fizzle out and lose interest. I remember my parents always being supportive in my efforts. But I also recall them quietly waiting for me to quit whatever I started.


I took guitar lessons for a while. I actually enjoyed the guitar and was making good progress. But I quit for the summer and never went back. I joined Boy Scouts at age fourteen. My parents bought me all the gear — backpacks, uniforms, a compass, a mess kit and a sleeping bag. One rainy camping trip was all it took for me to decide that Scouting just wasn’t for me. I promptly quit. I took piano lessons as an adult for about seven years. I was enjoying my progress. But I got busy with children and my business, and then, well, I just quit. It’s a common trail I’ve left: to quit early.


What holds me back? Why do I have such a hard time finishing what I start? Surprisingly, these questions of my own personality are stirring me even today to meet the challenge of “staying the course” and proving to myself that I am able to finish. My weakness, I hope, will somehow prove to be the goad that spurs me on and motivates me to hang in there for the long haul.


Day 30 Guide


Look back over your life and identify the weaknesses that have been common threads in your personality.  Are there things that you’d like to conquer or overcome? What are they? Think of how you might turn your weaknesses into the very wings that help you fly.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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