30. Science


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that by the end of 2005 between four and five hundred thousand Americans will die from complications related to obesity. On a sharp rise in the last five years, obesity will most likely overtake smoking as the leading cause of death.


CDC Website: Re: Obesity

The real sadness of this particular scientific fact is in its underlying cause – something that science doesn’t well address.



Some, if not many, Americans who die from complications associated with obesity are depressed and haven’t the will or the desire to diet or exercise.


The life of happiness and joy isn’t as much a matter of science as it is of Beauty and Truth. The most real things in life are beyond scientific appraisal. And yet Americans tend to be more pragmatic than romantic; we typically just want the facts and are satisfied to treat symptoms, not causes.


If it’s science that we trust, then we’re in desperate need of one that leads us back to the joy and happiness that are native to the human spirit. We need often to seek the things that bring us greater peace, energy and desire. We need healthy habits of the heart.


Day 30 Guide


Today, look at your own habits. Are you committing the time and effort to improving your heart and your mind? Are you finding the beauty in life? Are you energized? Do you feel alive?


Drink often from the well of life, and consider the habits of prayer, quiet thought, and reading.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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