30. Thought

When I was a teenager I was interested in the purported power of mind over matter. I was intensely curious to know if pure thought could in fact move or affect objects. I’d seen books and videos on the subject, and they compelled me to believe some people did truly hold such power. As the years passed my interest in the subject waned, and my curiosity shifted to yet another particular power of mind, that of thought over human action. To what extent, I wondered, did thought determine one’s actions and one’s state of mind?

It’s a question that I’ve continued to ask myself over the years, as if to further solidify my belief that thinking is intimately tied to results. No thinking, no results. I believe that at the heart of every great enterprise is a great thinker, and at the heart of every ounce of contentedness is a leading thought or a reflection. Thinking changes your mind. It has the power to alter your mood in a split second and move you closer to ecstasy or despair.

Daily 30 Guide

God has given us a mind. We should use that mind to think, to understand, to pray, and to seek wisdom. Learn to think your way out of the box. Start by replacing complaints with good thoughts.

© 2007 Levi Hill

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