31. Accessibility

¦the speaker, on beginning, cast a friendly look round and smiled on the audience; and he did the same all the time, so that one had at once a friendly sense of contact and geniality, and I felt that every word was addressed to me personally. That is what it is to be accessible!

Joyous Gard, Accessibility

In Touch

The game of golf has an equalizing force. It\’s a difficult game for most. Many of the most influential and powerful people on earth have even been humiliated by the game. United States Presidents from Taft to Bush have enjoyed golf but all found it a challenge. It\’s one of the few things over which their power and influence has had no effect.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower was an early member of Augusta National Golf Club. He loved the game and the golf course in Augusta but was continually frustrated by the position of a single large pine tree standing in the fairway of the seveneteenth hole. He frequently drove his ball into the old pine located about 150 yards from the tee, leaving himself with long and difficult shot to the green. On a number of occasions he advised then club president Cliff Roberts to have the tree taken down. But even the power of a U.S. President couldn\’t effect that change. That tree “ since named for Eisenhower, remains standing today as a constant reminder that while the man doesn’t change the game, the game often does change the man.

Day 31 Guide

Humility is an important teacher.  Don’t hide from her instruction.

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