31. Education

A Flood of Ideas


The recent path of destruction left by Hurricane Katrina has given the world yet another view of the possible. I wonder how many of us would have thought it possible that the entire city of New Orleans could ever be under water. I suppose that the people who were unwilling to leave the city, despite an order to evacuate, didn’t consider such a thing possible. Think, too, of the unfortunate ones who wanted to leave but couldn’t.


We’re now seeing images of looters wading through the flooded city streets, stealing not only food and water but also televisions, clothing or any sort of merchandise that they can get their hands on.


How varied are the currents of human behavior! From the desperate calls of fearful spirits to acts of heroism to the cacophony of violent greed – all of these images inform the mind and make us think about the more important elements in life.


Life itself is an education, isn’t it? What is it that we can learn from visiting this horrible experience of Katrina?


Day 31 Guide


On this the last day of August take the time to reflect on what you’ve seen of this current tragedy. Think of those who would sacrifice their own safety to protect others; but think also of the lawless behavior of the street looters. Think of what you want from life – what sort of person you want to be and what you want to teach your children.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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