31. Faith

Imagine a life spent thinking that nothing could be awesome, that the first steps of a baby or of a man on the moon are steps just like any other. Or imagine a life spent never loving, never feeling the presence of a special relationship to warm the heart and sometimes even leaving it wanting.


Imagine a life spent never caring, a life that would consider this to be a world void of opportunity and goodness — where only the sands of time are lost, and the days lead to nothing. Or imagine a life spent never believing that there is anything beyond this world and that life — here and now — is all there is.


Such is the life that lacks faith in the mysteries that animate and satisfy a hungry spirit. Such is the life that lacks breath, and such is the life to pity.


Day 31 Guide


Friends, be not afraid. But today, live with good intention.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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