31. Growth

The frame of mind we must beware of, which is but a stingy vanity, is that which makes us say, “I am sure I should not like that person, that book, that place!” It is that closing-in of our own possibilities that we must avoid.

          — Growth, Joyous Gard


Day 26 of the current Joyous Gard cycle was a day of Interpretation when I talked about the choreographer Garth Fagan and a recent performance of his company:


The company of performers carried out complex modern dance moves with unbelievable precision giving me the ultimate experience of possibility.


This morning I’d like to talk again about the idea of possibility. Yes, there are some things in life that seem binding — daily chores, a job, school. But it’s important to keep afloat those liberating ideas that give you options.


That is the wonderful thing about thought, that it is like a captive balloon which is anchored in one’s garden. It is possible to climb into it and to cast adrift; but so many people, as I have said, seem to end by pulling the balloon in, letting out the gas, and packing the whole way in a shed. 

         — Growth, Joyous Gard


In an effort to control your consciousness and maintain a good and hopeful disposition, recognize first the traps that would so impound your spirit and immobilize your vision. Then, intentionally put things in your way that will constantly remind you of life’s unlimited possibility. Just as fate would seem to locate its traps in your path so too can you position elements and reminders of hopefulness that restore your spirit.


Day 31 Guide


Today think about your habits and consider the things that you are intentionally doing to maintain a spirit of possibility.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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