31. Knowledge

December 31, 2009
December 31, 2009 levi



One of the first college courses that I really enjoyed was Finance. It sounds boring, I know. But finance was something I felt I could really understand. And that’s a good feeling: to possess the confidence to understand.

I remember studying for one of my first tests in finance, pacing my apartment floor trying to grasp a particular concept; I remember the feeling of being ever so close to grasping the material and then suddenly losing focus and dropping back to a disordered state of mind. You know that feeling, don’t you, of being ever so close and then losing your concentration?

I think it’s why learning is so difficult. The effort to connect the dots of understanding is often times so huge that it’s actually painful — but for the reward: the euphoria that accompanies your passage to the secret halls of knowledge.

Day 31 Guide

Resolve this next year to put your mind to work. Endure the effort to learn. There’s so much to be done. And who better to do it than you?

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