31. Retrospect

I used to like most anything that had a motor attached to it. Growing up I had a go-cart. For a while it was fun, but then my interest waned and I moved up to a motorcycle. It was a faster and smoother ride. But then, when I was old enough to get my drivers license, I realized there was no better way to get from point A to point B than in a car. I still have that old, “nearly-new” motorcycle in my basement.

I remember taking guitar lessons. I was really interested for a while, and my parents were nice to surprise me with an awesome red electric guitar. But as was my tendancy I quit taking lessons one summer and never started back. I still have that barely-used guitar in my attic.

After I married I took piano lessons. For six years I went to a once-a-week lesson on my lunch break. I was doing pretty well but eventually slowed down on my practice and quit taking altogether. Oh, I can still play a few songs. But mostly, that upright piano is there in my den for my daughter. 

Day 31 Guide

Today take a look at your history in order to discover patterns of broken lines or weak links. Make it your effort to discover the areas in which you should commit resources for improvement.

© 2007, Levi Hill

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