31. Work

The other week I saw a television show on the history of pretzel making. I was fascinated to see how modern-day machines tie the dough in perfect pretzel knots. I watched as hundreds of these little perfectly tied dough-segments dropped on to a conveyor belt, which then moved them to an oven.


The television show went on to contrast today’s technology with yesterday’s art. A 1950s vintage film showed a number of workers (mainly women) standing by the same type of conveyor that carried segments of rolled dough. It was there that a human worker, not a machine, picked up a dough-segment, and with her hands, tied it in a beautiful “pretzel knot.” Each newly tied pretzel would then go back on the conveyor and be taken to the oven. 


In the course of my work I’ve had the opportunity to visit a number of manufacturing facilities. And while I enjoy seeing how production machinery works, I’m always more interested in watching people work.


Day 31 Guide


Enjoy your work today, and pay close attention to the habits and the skills you’ve acquired. Recognize the beauty in your art.


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© 2005, Levi Hill

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