4. Education

Look back on your life and think of the many teachers who have influenced you and given you direction. Maybe your list includes an old English teacher who taught you how to enjoy reading great literature or poetry. Or a history teacher who added life back into the confusion of the many dates and events mentioned in a dull text. It could be your mother or father who taught you the value of honesty and hard work, or a big brother or sister who showed you the ropes. My list of great influences includes figures like these in addition to my children, who have forever changed me as I’ve witnessed the sweetness of young souls:


— Thank you, my son, for showing me such awesome courage and strength in the face of difficulty. I will try myself not to fear the road ahead.


— Thank you, my eldest child, for so often reminding me of the life inside, the spirit that puts a smile on your face and makes you dance.


— Thank you, my youngest, for demonstrating how to enjoy every area of life, living as if each breath were truly a gift from God. You’ve given me reason to sing at times when there is no music.


 — And thank you, my beautiful wife, for teaching our children – for loving them, for guiding them and building them up even in the face of disappointment..


Day 4 Guide


Think of those who’ve influenced you, and affirm their positive impact on your soul. Think of your college or high-school teachers; remember also your parents, friends, or other mentors.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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