4. Hope

When thinking about a concept I will often times consider images of the underlying idea. Hope, for example, brings to mind images of freedom and joy. I think of open doorways or of passages that are well lit and clear of obstruction. I think of blue skies and wind and also of fearless sailors on stormy seas. I think of a brotherhood of people who together travel difficult roads with an uncommon sense of courage. I think not of riches, luxury, and pleasure, but of sweetness, honor, and faith.


The person of hope, in my opinion, stands in sharp contrast to the person who is locked behind closed doors, the cynic – the one who is calling out not in order to plead but rather to sneer and show derision of any hope whatsoever. The cynic is the antipode of the hopeful, and images of such a figure are painful for me to consider. They are of ugly, cold, tired, and lifeless things. While the hopeful person expects the object of his desires, the cynic expects only dead-ends.


Day 4 Guide


Be careful not to get drawn into the current of cynicism that so often seems to be around. Be hopeful instead, and open the doors of thought in your Joyous Gard.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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