4. Humor

I’ve never been accused of being neat or well organized. And in college I was especially bad about things like keeping my car clean and getting my bills paid on time.


I remember one day driving to the gas company to pay a past due bill; I parked my blue station-wagon out front, and went in with my check book. After settling up with the cashier I walked back to my car, opened the door and was startled to find an old lady sitting behind the steering wheel. I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew that one of us had the wrong car.


Making a few quick observations and confirming that the car was mine, I had to break the news to the lady: “Mam, I think you’re in the wrong car.”


Embarrassed though she must have been, it was without a moment’s hesitation that she said, “You know I thought something was wrong. I don’t have all these empty beer cans on my floor like you do.”


I chuckled as did she, and then I drove out of the parking lot straight to the nearest trash can.


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I think it was Lilly Tomlin who once said, “Reality is the leading cause of stress.” Sadly enough, that’s probably true.


Life is funny, but only if you let it be. Have fun this weekend. Laugh about life, laugh about yourself.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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