4. Life

Driving to work in the morning I pass by a power line, which crosses a highway. Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a large group of birds gathering to perch on that line. Usually when I drive by they’re already there, side-by-side on the line, but this morning I was lucky enough to see them fly in. It seemed that all at once they landed, almost as if each one was aware of his intended position prior to folding his wings. Strangely enough, I found a bit of comfort in that sight.


It helps me to know that there is a sense of order in nature, that there are cycles, intended positions, and a seeming purpose to most everything. The birds’ dance on that wire stood in stark contrast to what was going on below, where the minds of dozens of speeding drivers were focused on the unsettling acts of exiting, merging and turning. I was quickly thrown into that stir as I merged onto the highway, and my thought of the birds flew away.


How important it is that we have moments to rest and enjoy the things of life! We should live not in constant toil but in the filtered light of ease amidst toil. If only for a moment, make room for Joyous Gard.


Day 4 Guide:


On this last day of the Joyous Gard cycle, think of how very important it is to find rest in your life. Knowing that there will not always be a beautiful sunset to help foster a sense of peace, seek the beauty in patterns, cycles, and design.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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