4. Poetry


Poetry is then in its essence the discerning of beauty; and that beauty is not only the beauty of things heard and seen, but may dwell very deep in the mind and soul, and be stirred by visions which seem to have no connection with outside things at all.

— Joyous Gard, Poetry

A number of years ago, a friend of mine, Clay Boardman, undertook a project to restore Enterprise Mill, an old Augusta textile mill that had been closed for years and was slated for demolition. Clay wanted to save that building and protect its history, and like many other area residents, I am glad that he did. Looking at the result of his multi-million dollar restoration, it’d be hard to imagine Augusta having lost such a important symbol of its heritage as a textile producer.

Clay wanted to protect the integrity and the original design of this building while also generating a sizable amount of space for residential and commercial dwelling. This was a project born of love and respect for history, not money; it made much better financial sense just to tear it down. But today, the building’s occupants all share the interesting experience of living and working in a place where similar hands supported a thriving cotton trade.

In my estimation, the idea to bring this building back to life must have been wrought by the same desire that conceived the original structure. And inasmuch as architecture is a means for poetic expression, the design of Enterprise Mill seems to celebrate the qualities of work, ingenuity, and human achievement.

Day 4 Guide

Today, look around and take note of architecture and design. Look at houses, buildings, and cityscapes, and think of how such things speak to us.

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