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The famous television personality of yesteryear, Art Linkletter, is ninety-three years old and continues to maintain a busy schedule including 75 annual speaking engagements. Known best for his long-running television shows, “House Party” and “People are Funny,” Linkletter’s true interest was, and is, people. Not only was he the host of some of  history’s most famous television and radio broadcasts, but he has also authored over 20 books, including the bestseller, Kids say the Darndest Things, and more recently, Old Age is Not for Sissies.


I believe that it is his sincere interest in people and their lives that gives Linkletter the ageless personality so admired and respected around the world. Though men and women under the age of 40 probably don’t remember his television presence, his wit and talent as an entertainer and “all-around good guy” remain an inspiration to us who tend to get lost in the fast lane of life.


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Enjoy the people near you, especially your children and grandchildren. Begin the practice of jotting down the funny things they say. Who knows, maybe your collection will one day become a bestseller.

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