5. Education

The hope at present lies in the endeavour to find some source of inspiration, in a determination not to let men and women grow up with fine emotions atrophied;


— Education, Joyous Gard


I love to talk. But sometimes I get tired of hearing my own words, and I feel that I might not do a very good job of conveying my thoughts and feelings. I find it hard, for example, to describe the way I feel when I see or hear something that arouses in me a grand memory. Such feelings are almost beyond description. Ineffable. The best I can do is to try and lead the subject to the very trough of inspiration. See it. Feel it. Hear it.


Day 5 Guide


Education requires a lot of talk. Inspiration, less so. Think today of how you might lead another to the wellspring of great thoughts.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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