5. Ideas

The prettiest Christmas tree is sometimes – though rarely — the first one that you look at when you go shopping for one. Most of the time, it takes hours of looking and measuring and thinking about the size and shape to narrow down the choices.  

It was our Christmas tradition to visit a local store called Fat Man’s to find the perfect tree. And sure, it was fun to hunt through their big assortment of pines for the ideal find. But after an hour or so of looking, I was usually ready to just buy one and get home.  

There was one particular Christmas when that special tree at Fat Man’s just stood there patiently waiting for us. It was full and tall, and the trunk was level straight. I didn’t see a thing wrong with it. It was perfect. And on top of that, it was the first one that we looked at.  

“Wow, it was just too easy to find this one. Something had to be wrong with it,” we thought. So we looked some more, measured and re-measured, and then finally bought the tree and hauled it back home. 

In the back of my mind on the way home I just knew that a flaw in the tree would appear after we put it in the stand. So I tried not to get too excited. But when finally we stood it up in the living room, it was just like we had originally thought: perfect, just perfect.  

Day 5 Guide 

Sometimes the best ideas are the first ones to pop in your head. Don’t throw away a good idea just because it came to you so easily. Consider it a gift. You deserve one every now and then, don’t you? 

© 2006, Levi Hill

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