6. Memory

January 6, 2010
January 6, 2010 levi


Skinny and Fatty

One of the films I most remember as a child was entitled Skinny and Fatty and was shown on the CBS Children’s Film Festival. It was the story of a friendship between two children, Oyama (Fatty) and Komatsu (Skinny), and the countering struggles of peer pressure and bullying that are so often a part of growing up.

Because of his heavy weight, Oyama was the brunt of jokes and harsh criticism from many of his classmates. Komatsu was the one exception. But even he found it hard to defend his friend when facing the pressure of being part of the group.

In one memorable scene, Oyama was shown walking home from school by himself. He was playing with a wooden toy, when suddenly, without provocation, the gang of boys appeared. One from the group demanded his toy, but Oyama refused and for that he was beaten and thrown to the ground along with his then broken toy.

Images of that scene remind me of the hardships that many children endure. It’s painful to think that kindness and true friendship may be more the exception than the rule. There is only the balm of knowing that the forces of kindness are much greater than those of hatred and jealously.

Day 6 Guide

Be a force of kindness.

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