5. Progress

Walking along the road leading to town, my great-grandfather, according to my father, routinely turned down offers from passers-by for a lift. “I’m in hurry, so I’d better just walk,” he’d say. I don’t know, maybe a car-ride was just a little too comfortable for him. I mean, sitting may have given him the feeling of getting nowhere.

At times I feel that way, too, don’t you? When I have to wait in a line of traffic just to make a left-hand turn, I quickly lose patience. So eager am I to move along that somtimes I’ll give up on making the turn at all. I’ll exit into the right lane and even go well out of the way to make it to my destination. It’s an unreasonable decision prompted by that feeling: “If I’m moving, I’m making progress.”

Day 5 Guide

Busy as a bee? Ask yourself: “Am I making the best decisions along the way?” What might I do differently to leverage my time and my energy? How can I put more time into planning so that my actions will all count for something?”

© 2006, Levi Hill

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