5. Thought

We must not drowse and brood in our own sombre corner, when life is flowing free and full outside, as in some flashing river. However little chance we may seem to have of doing anything, we can at least determine to be something; not to let our life be filled, like some base vessel, with the offscourings and rinsings of other spirits, but to remember that the water of life is given freely to all who come.


— Thought, Joyous Gard


Where were you on the morning of September 11, 2001? I remember the sudden change of context and the feeling of everything in life suddenly being called into question. I remember how simple things at once became complex; I remember the fear of dangerous vulnerability. 


Things were forever changed on the morning of September 11th. For many, the fulcrum of thought moved: some were made stronger by a renewed sense of life, love and hope, but others were left paralyzed with a protracted fear.


That day, the mask of safety was ripped away from all of life to reveal its tender meanings. Looking back, I find a shift in my own perspective and the desire burgeoning within to find life beautiful. I wanted to more fully enjoy the bonds of love and friendship, which seems to be a perfect illustration of how God does sometimes work in our lives: taking human difficulty — even tragedy — and folding it back unto Himself to leave us with a renewed hope and a stronger faith.


Day 5 Guide


Think about that September morning in 2001. How did the events of that day change your thinking?


© 2005, Levi Hill

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