6. Accessibility

It sometimes takes years to cultivate a close, personal friendship. But to have such a relationship is worth the investment in time. Friendships can also quickly grow and mature so that even from your earliest meeting it’s as if you’ve known each other forever. And then there’s the unusual bond between old friends that somehow is triggered and rapidly changes to grow much stronger — friends for years thus transformed into “the best of friends” and close confidants.


I have tasted the beauty of close relationships, but I’ve also known the feeling of a soul reaching out. I’ve known the feeling of holding on to private thoughts, and I’ve known closeness to be illusive and distant.


It seems that we tend to live on our own private islands of isolation, keeping to ourselves and not really talking much about the things that would galvanize closer connections. But the world, I think, is teeming with people who want to enjoy closer relationships. And most, I believe, would love to have a best friend.


Day 6 Guide


Consider how you might improve your friendships. Look for times and ways to talk about things that really matter. Pick up the phone and call someone you’ve been thinking about. 


© 2005, Levi Hill

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