6. Growth

Above all, we ought to believe that we can do something to change ourselves, if we only try; that we can anchor our conscience to a responsibility or a personality, can perceive that the society of certain people, the reading of certain books, does affect us, make our mind grow and germinate, give us a sense of something fine and significant in life.


Benson, Joyous Gard, Growth


Shaken, Not Stirred


I imagine that most men who’ve enjoyed James Bond movies over the years have at one time or another thought of what it’d be like to be Bond for a day. While the stories of Bond are completely unrealistic, the character of British agent 007 casts the picture of a man who is in many ways pretty normal.


Bond is intelligent, charming, and smooth. But like us, he’s not perfect, and he’s not invincible. In fact, he often times skirts death by shear luck, a phenomenon not unrelated to that fact that he was born of the author (Ian Fleming) who wanted to keep him alive.


The movie character James Bond has been played by a number of screen actors over the years: Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, and more recently, Pierce Brosnan. But my favorite – by far – was Sean Connery. In my opinion, his portrayal of Ian Fleming’s character, Bond, best defines the type of man that Fleming had in mind.


Five years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Sean Connery. It was in a small Scottish pub in the town of St. Andrews that my friends and I introduced ourselves and shook hands with the man who for decades has given movie goers some of the great character of all time. He was a bit taller than I imagined, but he maintained a presence that was pure Bond.


I think it’s safe to say that we Americans are all in some way “star-struck.” That Hollywood has created a fantasy world of untouchables is undeniable. But we also like to discover that even they – the stars — are human. We like to see that they have troubles just like the rest of us, a fact that has not escaped the grasp of Hollywood whose latest gimmick is to exploit the sins and failings of these all too human actors.


Stirred, Not Shaken


The mind of Joyous Gard is constantly swimming with ideas of improvement and growth. The man of the Gard looks out and observes life with the desire to develop a healthy understanding of fact versus fiction.


Days 6-8 Guide


Don’t be afraid to think of what is possible, my friend. With your sights fixed on the qualities that you would like to see in yourself, identify the people you most respect and admire. Read books with characters whose qualities speak of the ideals of truth, beauty and justice.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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