6. Poetry

Pages of a wintry past lie bound within this broken heart

And speak of things I dare reveal to readers of my soul

— Levi Hill

I’m not very patient when it comes to waiting. But I try to tell myself that God must have something for me to see during those uncomfortable pauses in life. Yesterday was a good example.

Trying to temper my anxious spirit while waiting at a receptionist’s counter, I looked up and saw this beautiful framed print of a white house. Behind picture-glass, hanging on a nearby wall, that print for some reason had a sudden calming effect on me. And I assumed from that that this must be what God wanted me to see. But then, with my eyes and thoughts focused on that white house, I saw something else. In the glass I saw the reflection of a girl standing behind the counter – a reflection that made it appear as though there was a woman standing in front of the house peering in the front window.

I can’t tell you why, but the first thought that popped into my mind was, “angels.” I wondered if angels had the power to peer into my soul. Do they know my inner thoughts? Do they know my sins and my secrets? These simple questions inspired a search, which led me to find the following statement concerning angels written by theologian Charles Hodge: “¦and they [angels] cannot search the heart; for this is, in Scripture, declared to be prerogatives peculiar to God.”

Who is the reader of your soul? Who knows the depth and nature of your heart? Who knows exactly what will satisfy your anxious spirit?

Day 6 Guide

Look within and pray that God would reveal the true needs of your soul.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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