6. The Sense of Beauty

Pat’s Pancakes

As far as I was concerned, Pat made the best pancakes in the world. Growing up, I did everything I could to try and make them according to her recipe. But I never could get it quite right. I had all the steps memorized. I made the batter with milk, Jiffy® Mix, oil and flour. I added wheat germ and beat the egg-whites until they stood up with a consistency of whipped cream. I carefully folded them into the batter and prepared a lightly greased griddle. I even bought the right brand of maple syrup.  

Over and over I tried. But my pancakes never tasted as good as Pat’s. Oh, mine were pretty good. But they weren’t nearly as light and fluffy. The exterior of her pancakes were slightly crisp and sweet. They tasted like a fine confection.

Because I never could make those pancakes I thought of them as a special treat – something that I might enjoy only occasionally. As I’ve grown older, I realize that a lot of things are like that – meant to be enjoyed occasionally. I realize that no matter how hard I might try, some things can never be replicated or repeated. They’re intended to be special and rare. And though it’s hard for me to accept that certain delights might come around only once, I realize that it just must be God’s way of demonstrating the precious rarity in life.  

Day 6 Guide

Try your best to enjoy the moments. Awaken your senses to remember the taste, the aroma, and the touch of life’s sweetest times.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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