7. Sympathy

There were times growing up when I felt like no one really understood me. But then again, maybe it was I who really didn’t understand other people. I wanted to be around those who liked to “laugh and sing.”


I wanted friends who could help lift me from the bog of anxiety — people who would speak simple words of encouragement like, “Don’t worry. Things are gonna work out.” Even today, I love to hear those words.


Those who take life too seriously make me nervous. These are the people who are always “on the ball” — those who seem to have all the answers and are always one step ahead. When I think of their world, images of straight lines and sharp angles come to mind.


I prefer the quieter, dirt roads of life. The hustle and bustle of Main Street USA, while interesting and provocative, is just too fast for me. My mind doesn’t work at that speed; I need time and space to think.


I love music and beautiful things. I love the movements of dance and wonderful curves. I like back roads, the change of seasons and good books. I enjoy people who are honest and aren’t afraid of what others think of them.


Day 7 Guide


Look around at your friends and associates. Try to spend more time cultivating relationships with those whose personalities complement your way of life. The world needs all kinds of people: surgeons, poets, fighter-jet pilots, and musicians.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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