7. The Sense of Beauty

Who’s leading your life? You are. Right? It could be said that in many ways you are directing your own affairs — that you’re in charge. But wait a minute. Think about the things over which you have absolutely no control. Think about something as common as the rain.


I remember a time this past summer when the rain fell relentlessly for two weeks. The skies would give no hint of sunshine, and I found myself fighting back personal anger over the situation. I thought to myself, “If I were in charge, I’d put a stop to that immediately!”


In some ways, leading in life really seems to be more about giving up on the things over which you have no control, trying instead to attend to the things that you can influence and change. The world presents many personal challenges, often times raining down hard things at the worst times. And I believe that God smiles upon an effort to resist a paralyzing anger and seek beauty instead. The soldier of Joyous Gard lays down his arms and becomes that seeker with a mind towards higher things.


For believers in the Gard, a relentless rain becomes the proving ground for a watchful and wanting spirit. When blue skies veiled by a curtain of darkness no longer inspire and delight, the soldier-turned-seeker becomes more alert, standing guard for the signs of God’s presence. I believe that God uses even our intentions to further His plan, answering our search with delicate precision.


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The world has a way of numbing the senses and masking the things that would otherwise help carry your thoughts beyond. Look out into the world today and search for examples of beauty hidden among the shadows. Look at people and events; look at the tracks of your own life.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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