8. Art

When asked about the significance of art, some people would say that they can “take it or leave it.” For them, art just doesn’t figure into their lives as being terribly important. And it’s true. Some spend their days having little regard for music, poetry or fine art. But what about the more simple art-forms like story-telling?


Most of us love great stories. And I think that great story-tellers are artists as well. The radio personality Garrison Keeler, for example, has made a living out of telling stories about characters from his fictitious Lake Woebegone.


But stories don’t even have to be fictitious to be considered art. I think it’s the very telling of the stories – be they fact or fiction – that establishes the art form. The story itself sleeps until someone gives it life by way of the written or spoken word.


My father is a great story-teller. When he hears something funny about someone or something, he’ll often times tell the story to me, even if I’ve already heard it. I think he does that in order to practice his telling of the story. He’s listening for balance and structure, working to encapsulate the essence of the events he wants to deliver.


Day 8 Guide


Yes, you could say that life is a series of events – events that if relayed as a mere chronology would have little real meaning. Think more of your life as the development of a great story. God has given purpose to your life by making you a vital part of His own story.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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