8. Humor

A letter to my son

Dear Son,

Day by day, in simple ways
Some men can make us better.
They teach without a single word,
That’s why I write this letter.

Don’t let the sort with anxious minds
Blind you with ambition.
But look for patient, quiet souls.
Let first that be your mission.

Seek those men who work and live
Their lives for something higher,
Then find a way to be near them
And let their peace inspire.

Listen to the words they speak
And how they talk with friends.
Look for men who don’t find fault
And whose happiness depends

Less on things they have or own
Than on how they make a life,
And on how much they can love a son,
Or a daughter, and a wife.

I pray, my boy, that as you walk
And fight those giants within
That you’ll have learned to use the sling
From David’s mighty men.



Day 8 Guide:

Who have been your life teachers? Think about the habits and traits of those you admire. Be open to change.

(c) 2007, Levi Hill

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