8. Interpretation

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Market Street in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, then you will probably remember the sweetgrass basket weavers. Usually sitting in a small group near the end of the outdoor market, these African-American women are busy weaving various types of decorative baskets, bowls and trays that are made of strong palmetto leaves and marsh grasses that grow in the low country region.



Having been handed down through the generations, the weaving of grasses is an African art that draws popular appeal for both its product and the process. Some baskets are small and simple, while others are much larger and more complex. And though the weaving itself looks rather easy, creating the various shapes is an art indeed.


Usually sitting in a group of three to five, these women steadily weave and talk as they sell their wares. I’m always fascinated to watch them practice their craft, seeing as their hands create such beautiful shapes from the grass.


It’s what I want of my life – a beautiful weaving from ordinary circumstances. I pray that God would allow me to take the simple things in life and draw from them meaningful inspiration and understanding and that He would enable me to teach my children how to create beautiful experiences from the simple and plain corners of life.


Day 8 Guide


Today, think of simple things — a kiss, a handshake, a smile or a routine conversation. Think of how to draw meaning from ordinary elements in life.

Visit Mae Hall’s Basket Stand — Click Here


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