8. Poetry and Life

Do you remember your first kiss? I was in the seventh grade when I was filled with those wonderful feelings of  (puppy) love. I remember how I felt when I first learned that this pretty little girl with whom I’d exchanged glances actually liked me. I had to pinch myself: “She really liked me! Me!” It was almost too good to be true.


She had big brown eyes and long beautiful hair. And that, along with her fair complexion and delicate smile, made her the perfect girl for me. I thought that I was in heaven. And even now, so many years later, my memory serves me well and allows me to enjoy the feelings associated with that time.


I remember going to the local fair with her over thirty years ago. Together we rode the “Himalaya,” a super fast ride that would take you up and down and around. With the music blasting and the lights blinking to the beat, the ride would start slowly and then speed up until the person sitting on the inside of the car was pulled tightly against the outside person (me). Boy, I thought that was really great.


That same local fair is in town right now. And the “Himalaya?” Yep, it’s still there. And just the sight of it stirs in me the feelings associated with that night so many years ago. It makes me want to turn up the music. 


Day 9 Guide


Today, I want you to choose a time or an event in your life that ushered in great feelings. Write about the event, capturing as much detail as you can. Memory is one of the most important corridors of Joyous Gard, and the key here is to build the habit of using it as a source of mental energy.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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