8. Poetry

In the early morning the common background noises of the day are mostly absent, and there’s a peaceful stillness in the air. For me, it’s the perfect time and space in which to think. I’m comfortable in the arms of morning.


As dawn approaches, familiar sounds begin to trickle in — a train horn, a passing car, the bird’s first song. They have an uncommon charm against the stillness and quiet of the morning. They are settling reminders of life’s constant beat.


A quiet heart and a calm spirit are priceless possessions, aren’t they? The darkness and stillness of the morning help me to find that peace.


Day 8 Guide:


Today, think about what it is that quiets your heart. What is the balm for your restless mind? I believe it is essential for the adult to set aside a daily time of solitude – a time to think or to pray, a time to reflect and find the balance and the beauty that are so terribly important.


Consider today how and where you would find this time. Think that somewhere in the day those quiet moments are waiting for you.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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