8. Progress

“If you don’t learn to a program a computer, you’ll be functionally obsolete in ten years.” That was a statement made by a well-known business consultant over twenty years ago, when Apple Computer first introduced the Personal Computer (PC).

The influence that computers have had on the world is truly astounding. And while the thoughts of this particular consultant were a bit overstated, his enthusiasm for computers was well founded.

His one statement about being “functionally obsolete” influenced me as a young man to buy my first personal computer and begin work on a project that would take over two years to complete. I first learned to program that computer and then wrote a software package for my family business, which tripled our operating efficiency and easily convinced me of the awesome power of that machine. And today, thinking back, I find myself excited by the amazing power of that one statement.

The Power of One

It only takes one thing — one word of direction or encouragement, one statement of philosophy, or the sole wind of God’s voice — to lead you in the right direction. The power of one is awesome, and the only requirement for you to tap into it is that you be attuned and sensitive to the subtle and faint voices that would call you.

Day 8: Guide

Today, listen for the call. It could be in someone’s voice. Look around at the world, look at yourself and your situation. Is there something or someone who wants or needs your attention? Listen.

© 2004, Levi Hill

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