8. Retrospect

I don’t like cleaning the kitchen. But most nights I do it anyway. My wife and I sort of have this unwritten division of labor where it’s understood that she takes care of some things and I take care of others. Well, the kitchen has generally been my baby. I’m not complaining. In fact, I’d like to pay myself a compliment: I am one hell of a “kitchen man.”  And despite a continued distaste for the job, I do it, and I do it well.


I’ve learned that in life even the smallest tasks are worth observation and review. I believe that I can improve my daily life by incorporating slight improvements in my habits, even if those habits weren’t of my own choosing. Much of what I do to see positive change is the result of intentionally reshaping habits and aiming a bit higher.


I’d challenge anyone today to stack a neater dishwasher.


Day 8 Guide


Today, look within; look at your own practices and habits. Think of how you might improve even the simplest of things in order to move all of life in a positive direction.  Consider the following definition of discipline as it relates to living well: discipline is the strength to do what you ought, not what you want.


Sure, you’re going to hate some things in life. That’s a given. Try, however, not to hate what you’re doing. Look at the simple practices and try to make them better.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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