8. The Principle of Beauty

An Eye for Detail


If I were to paint a room, my interest would be more in painting the walls than the trim. I feel more comfortable with broad brush stokes than I do with the small, precise strokes needed for trim work. It’s really the way I am about most things, finding it hard to tend to the details of life.


But beauty is often times hidden in the small things – things that are easily overlooked and forgotten. Something as simple as a smile, a phone call, or a note can change a person’s day. A prayer, a wish, or a single ounce of hope can lead a life out of desperation and into the light. A mind for beauty must be made sensitive; it must be available to recognize the fertile beginnings of something really big.


Day 8 Guide


If you’re anything like me, your mind is tuned for the big stuff. You’ve got to change your level of attention to search for the small things that bring unique and beautiful instances of light to your spirit. Today, turn your mind away from the headlines and pay attention instead to the sights and sounds that you would normally block out. Listen to the birds, or count the number of times you hear the sound of laughter in a single day.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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