8. Thought

During the summer months one year a friend of mine hiked on the Appalachian Trail by himself. He saw other people only in passing, and so striking up a meaningful conversation was terribly rare. That experience, I imagine, helped him to better understand the human’s psychological need for relationship. Just hearing about his trek helped me to better appreciate my own connections.


The mysterious interrelationships of love and friendship that so bind us as humans urge us also to share our experiences.  It is the natural longing and tendency for lovers, friends and family to share a laugh or a hug — to kiss or converse. But it’s so easy to overlook those joyful bonds until sometimes they are sadly broken.


Day 8 Guide


Take extra time today to think about your relationships. Think about those you love and enjoy, and try to savor those important moments of sharing experience.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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