9. Art and Morality

The artist gives us glimpses of a life that we cannot yet fully possess. The thoughts that we considered to be enduring seem all at once to destabilize and quickly vanish. How do we begin to possess those feelings again? Where do we turn when the lights of joy have been extinguished?   

In books and songs, in paintings, in drama and in poetry, the artist gives us pathways that might take us back to Joyous Gard. Even yet, we sometimes need to be shaken by life’s events — that they might arouse our attention and affirm our willingness to look for the way back to that greater joy. Art that favors the wayward spirit isn’t usually loud or boastful. It is sometimes hidden away and must, therefore, be sought.  

Day 9 Guide 

The churnings of life will throw you off balance. All of us have the need, therefore, to practice a return to the high road, the road to Joyous Gard. Surround yourself with the things that might turn your mind.  

© 2006, Levi Hill

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