9. Art and Morality

By themselves, the random letters E, L, V, and O mean very little. But held together in a tight, orderly sequence they are transformed into a concept – LOVE – that elevates the mind and arouses a myriad of thoughts. Sometimes, days will drift by leaving behind only the trails of what seem to be random happenings. It is only by an intellectual assessment that any meaning might be discovered.


On Day 1 of this month, I spoke of life unfolding as a series of moments and events. It is more accurate to say, however, that it is the apprehension of meaning – beauty – that unfolds in our minds. Time offers only the flow of happenings. Meaning requires the intellect.  


Day 9 Guide


The artist is a gatherer and a collector. He gathers the most important elements of a thought and orders them in a way that arouses the onlooker. This week, pay close attention to what the artist has gathered. What is it that he sees? What is it that you feel?


© 2006, Levi Hill

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