9. Education

They didn’t teach that in school.


By the end of the day yesterday I was tired. I’d been to a meeting in Atlanta and was ready to get home – out of the traffic. Finally back in Augusta, I picked up my son from an appointment and together we went to the grocery store to get a few needed things. I was glad to have a little time just to be with him.


With our items in hand, we headed to the checkout line where I noticed that the cashier wore several pins on her uniform. They were of angels, and I inquired: “Would you tell us about your pins?” I asked.


“Oh, those are my angels,” she reported. “I love angels.”


I asked if she’d ever seen an angel. “Oh, yes,” she replied. And she told us her story:


“When I was in the operating room awaiting surgery I remember being very worried – primarily about my weak heart. But standing beside me was this wonderful nurse in a white uniform, who held my hand and assured me that my heart was fine. She told me everything was going to be okay.


Thankfully, things did go well in surgery, and when I awoke from the anesthesia, I asked about that nice nurse in the operating room. Perplexed, the doctor told me that there had been no nurse in the room wearing a white uniform. ‘But the one who held my hand,’ I further responded. And again, he affirmed that there was no nurse in there.


As I thought about it, I also began to wonder myself: how would that nurse have known about my weak heart? The surgery was for something other than my heart, and the concern about its weakness was only mine. It really wasn’t even something the doctors were worried about. But I was scared. And it was then that I realized this uniformed nurse was actually an angel sent to comfort me.”


What a great story. Rarely, I thought, would school ever arouse in my son the amazement and curiosity that I saw in him after he heard that girl’s story. Life’s best teacher is really life itself, and to hear of other people’s experiences — well, that’s an invaluable element in obtaining a great education.


Last night, I sensed that he was still reflecting on the event. And all I could think of was the beautiful way in which the idea of angels had entered his mind. It’s one thing to read of the angels who appear in stories of the Bible, but to hear the account of one who would actually visit the humility of this world and this time – to think that maybe there are really angels here among us doing God’s work, well, that’s something they just don’t teach in school.


Day 9 Guide


Today, consider the lives of others. Think of the stories that are locked up in the experiences of people like you and me. Choose someone you’d like to get to know better and start asking questions.


© 2005, Levi Hill


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