9. Experience

Can I say what I believe the wine of life to be? I believe that it is a certain energy and richness of spirit, in which both mind and heart find full expression.

— Benson, Experience, Joyous Gard

Mind and heart, so often they’re held to be countering forces: the mind, an intellectual or reasoning power and the heart, the seat of emotions or feelings. But truly, they are uniting forces, bound as one in the being of human. Benson speaks of man as finding full expression in both heart and mind. In effect, he, I think, is saying that it completes the man to be at once aware and sensitive. The mind unlocks the very identity of the surrounding world while the heart gives meaning to it.

Day 9 Guide

Give priority not one over the other. Heart and mind must both daily be fed.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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