9. Faith

The outcasts of society, the sinful, the ill-regulated, would never have so congregated about our Saviour if they had felt Him to be shocked or indignant at sin. What they must rather have felt was that He understood them, loved them, desired their love, and drew out all the true and fine and eager and lovable part of them, because he knew it to be there, wished it to emerge. “He was such a comfortable person!” as a simple man once said to me of one of the best of Christians: “if you had gone wrong, he did not find fault, but tried to see the way out; and if you were in pain or trouble, he said very little; you only felt it was all right when he was by.

— Faith, Joyous Gard

Life is full of uncomfortable places, isn’t it? Days when all seems to be crowding about, hindering one’s view to a needed retreat. Or when the stress of impatient souls tugs and twists the mind to think of unimportant things. Many of us, it seems, get easily caught up in the race, losing sight of the enduring peace that is ours to enjoy. Worry besets the man whose faith is lacking, and the memory of Christ’s earthly life is easily forgotten. But He must have been, as the above quote says, “a comfortable person,” one whose very presence would immediately quiet the storm.

Day 9 Guide

How is it that you might be a person whose very presence is comforting? Do you inspire hope? Or do you elevate worry in others? Concentrate today on being a friend to man by removing, instead of building, barriers.

© Levi Hill, 2007

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