9. Growth

I think that some people live with the frustration of wanting desperately to create or develop something but not knowing exactly what it is or where they should begin. They thirst for uniqueness and independence but feel uninspired and frightened to move forward. They feel paralyzed and doomed to a life lived short of its potential. Maybe even you have at times caught glimpses of such thoughts or feelings. I know that I have.


Do something. That’s my advice to anyone who has ever felt discouraged or frustrated by his or her seeming inability to move forward. It is what I am constantly telling myself. Don’t wait until you are fully prepared and ready. You mustn’t fear failure. Fear instead the hollowness of inaction.


Locked within the prison of your mind dreams will eventually perish, thereby distributing throughout the body the stress of their passing. You’ve felt it, haven’t you? That pain of unfulfilled desire? Maybe you recognize the scars of death — the bitterness, the anger, the cynicism. My friend, you simply cannot ignore the urge to create. It is one of the most natural reminders of being alive. 


Day 9 Guide


If you are one of those who feel the uncomfortable urge to create, don’t expect time to be your cure. Do something.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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