9. Humor

remember the day in Athens that my friends and I went to play golf. The attendant at the desk welcomed us to the course and gingerly got up out of her chair to sign us in. Giving her my credit card, I noticed that she seemed rather uncomfortable. “Are you feeling okay?” I asked.


  “Oh, yes. I’m fine. My back is hurting a bit, but I’ll be going to hospital in about a month.”

Quickly assessing her condition, I responded: “Well, I know you’re excited. Are you having a girl or a boy?”

  “Neither,” she said. “I’m having lower-back surgery.”


Having put my foot in my mouth, I apologized, turned red, signed the receipt and got the hell out of the building. And as I remember, I didn’t play too well that day. But my friends, they got a real big charge out of my bumbling.


I swore to never again ask a woman about her pregnancy. And I’m proud to say that I’ve spent the last twenty-five years keeping my mouth shut, even when it seems awkward to say nothing in the face of what might seem to be an obvious condition.


The funniest things often times happen at someone’s expense – maybe yours. But that’s okay. Just be prepared for a handful of “big” embarrassing moments during a lifetime, and then spend time looking back to find a few good laughs.


Days 9-11 Guide


It’d be great this weekend to spend some time talking to friends and thinking back on the funny things that have happened over the years.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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